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Twin flowered snowdrops

Twin flowered snowdrops are plants with two flowers on a scape (flower stalk) as opposed to plants which produce a second scape, each with a single flower.

Twin flowered snowdrops remain something of a holy grail amongst snowdrop enthusiasts, although the number of reliably twin flowered varieties is still very small; mostly varieties of Galanthus elwesii.

Many people have twin flowered stories to tell and we are no exception. The garden which produced The Groom also contained a robust elwesii that had split into two bulbs; each bulb had produced a tall scape with two separate, perfectly formed flowers. We were given permission to lift it and went in deep and carefully with the spade. Unfortunately, the bulbs were down some 35 cms. and the spade went right through them. Desparate efforts to nurture the chopped fragments were ultimately unsuccessful.


Twin headed snowdrops, that is with two separate flower...

Mrs. Thomson

Mrs Thomson will display varying degrees of doubleness ...