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Welcome to Galanthus

We have been interested in snowdrops for over thirty years and have been growing, studying, enjoying and collecting them for nearly as long.

This site contains information on all aspects of snowdrops, their care and their cultivation; based on our experience. It is not the last word, we are still learning and will be continue to update this site as appropriate, in line with current ideas on taxonomy and our ongoing experience.

We hope that you will find something of help or interest here and may your snowdrops bring you as much pleasure as ours have done.

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Mrs. Macnamara

Mrs. Macnamara has a certain cachet having originated with the mother-in-law of Dylan Thom...

Little Ben

Little Ben is one of the Mighty Atom group of snowdrops with gigantic flowers on a rather ...

Leucojum vernum var. carpathicum

The variety of the spring snowflake with yellow tips to the floral segments. ...

Modern Art

There is some doubt whether the plants originated with Frederick Stern or E B Anderson; wh...

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