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Leucojum vernum

Leucojum vernum varieties

Botanists agree that amongst snowdrops closest relatives are snowflakes, of the genus Leucojum. Their requirements are similar to snowdrops, they make a nice contrast and are often grown by people with an interest in snowdrops.

Leucojum vernum (Spring Snowflake) differs from snowdrops by being more robust with several leaves per bulb and often with two flowers per flowering stalk. In snowflakes all six petals are the same size with a coloured spot at the tip of each petal.

The normal variety is assumed to have green tips to the petals, while var. carpathicum has the petals tipped yellow. Var. wagneri is green tipped, robust and usually carries two flowers on each scape. These varieties keep their distinctive characteristics in cultivation; although recent studies of wild European populations suggest the situation is more complex.


Leucojum vernum

This is the normal variant of the spring snowflake with...

Leucojum vernum var. carpathicum

The variety of the spring snowflake with yellow tips to...

Leucojum vernum var. wagneri

The variety name wagneri has traditionally been applied...