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Atkinsii type snowdrops

Atkinsii is one of the oldest hybrids, coming to the attention of snowdrop enthusiasts from the garden of James Atkins of Painswick, Gloucester-shire sometime around the 1860's. There are different ideas on how Atkins came by it in the first place.

Atkinsii is a tall and robust relatively early plant, with large flowers held well above the leaves at flowering time. The flowers are large and decidedly oval; similar to the pearl ear-rings popular in Elizabethan times. Once seen the plant is easily recognised, even from a distance.

A considerable number of Atkinsii types have arisen and been named. We grow Atkinsii, James Backhouse, Silverwells and a further un-named one.

Others in circulation are Moccas Form, Sibbertoft No. 2, Lyn, Carpentry Shop and Limetree.

A splendid Atkinsii type grows in abundance in the Cruickshank Garden as Limetrees (sic.) and was distributed in a limited way by Noel Pritchard as Cruickshank.

James Backhouse

Atkinsii is a very distinctive large hybrid with large ...


Silverwells is an Atkinsii type snowdrop that originate...