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Item: Billy Bishops
Latin: Galanthus Billy Bishops plicatus
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Billy Bishops

Primrose Warburg was a great snowdrop enthusiast, growing and exchanging a very wide range of plants with a large circle of friends and fellow galanthophiles. She regularly sent Noel Pritchard a large parcel of snowdrops, in the green, for his garden and collection at Durris in Aberdeenshire.

One of these parcels contained plants that she had labelled "Billy Bishops plicatus": not to be confused with Bill Bishop - the giant-flowered member of the Mighty Atom clan. The inference being that she thought it was a plicatus received from Bill Bishop; presumably without a name.

It has relatively straight sided olive green leaves and large flowers with a uniform green mark covering much of the inner segment. It does not produce a second scape with us.

We offer it with this non-standard name for a number of reasons:-

It is distinctive.

The association with Primrose Warburg and that she thought it worthy of distribution.

Primrose and Noel may have distributed it further under this name.

Someone may recognise it and update its history.


The other plant from Primrose treated in a similar manner is "Northumberland caucasicus".


This item is currently out of stock, or not for sale.