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This section contains a brief description of each variety that we grow. We do not issue old style paper catalogues but instead make bulbs available for purchase through the individual page for that variety. The availability or not of a variety does not become clear until growth is well advanced in Spring and we can assess numbers. We send out bulbs as soon as they become dormant (usually early June and continue sales until growth is about to commence (usually September). Sales go live sometime in May and we send advance notice of this happening to those who have joined the mailing list. In practice, we know by March what we will have in surplus; but if we open for sales then, people place orders then become anxious when their bulbs don't appear. It is better for all concerned if we accept orders when shipping is about to commence.

We have subdivided the list into a number of categories to make it easier to find related plants; many varieties will appear in more than one category. As a last resort there is always the alphabetical list. As a reasonably representative electronic image becomes available, then new varieties are added.