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Here you will find articles on a wide range of non cultivation subjects.

There are articles on various botanical aspects of snowdrops for people who wish to know more about them as plants or wish to get a better understanding of their structure.

There is explanation on the thorny subject of naming which may help to understand how names have arisen, or may give some guidance if you feel you have a plant worth naming.

Diseases of Snowdrops

Date: 12/03/2011

The main fungus diseases affecting snowdrops 

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Pests affecting Snowdrops

Date: 01/05/2009

The more serious pests affecting snowdrops of snowdrops. 

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The genus Galanthus

Date: 04/10/2008

The snowdrop genus and its species 

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Further reading

Date: 08/07/2008

Books and literature on snowdrops. 

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The price of snowdrops

Date: 03/07/2008

The price of snowdrop bulbs 

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